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Our partners's proven processes and expertise in the Modern Data Stack and Google Tag manager help you create a solid foundation for your analytics practice.

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Save time by relying on experts to accelerate your tagging initiative by using the right technology and tried and true processes.

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Translate tagging strategy into concise instructions developers can understand, creating a common tagging platform.


Digital experience creation agency for peopleWe operate across the entire value chain of digital professions, serving business (customers) or operational efficiency (employees/partners): Consulting, Design, Technology, Data, Acquisition & Analytics. Atecna employs 300 people in 6 agencies in France and abroad, serving more than 250 customers.


Data Marketing AgencyArtefact is a global data-driven services company. We help companies transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire value chain.


Content, Strategy and Performance AgencyAnalytics experts, we usually work on : Server-side audiency tracking (GA4, Piano, Piwik,...), Media server-side tags (Meta, Google Ads,...), Tagging plan, Dashboards, Attribution, CRO


Data Marketing AgencyBoryl helps you to develop your growth by transforming your data into concrete and intelligent actions.


Pure player in data consultingConverteo is a pure player data consulting firm, dedicated to the progress and business performance of companies with over 420 consultants and more than 200 clients. Converteo supports its clients across the entire data value chain: collection, modelling, measurement, activation, governance, compliance.


E-Commerce Growth AgencySpecialist in advertising on social networks for e-merchants, we implement APIs (meta, google, snap, pinterest, tiktok) on the server side with GTM and GA4, for Shopify, Prestashop or other custom CMS and sites.


Digital Marketing AgencyDigimood, an expert agency in SEO, SEA, SMA & Data Analytics, has been assisting companies for more than 15 years in their digital communication strategy to boost their visibility and growth.


Web Analytics AgencyDigitaleez is a company that specializes in collecting reliable Analytics data. We audit, install and ensure the quality of your data

Elevate Agency

Data Marketing AgencyElevate Agency is the new 100% data dedicated consulting agency with a people first vision.  We want to be a strategic data partner for our customers and enable the customer-centric transformation thanks to well-known data-driven methodology by providing end-to-end expertise


Data & Digital Marketing AgencyEmpirik is a digital marketing agency (SEO, Content, Paid, CRO & Analytics) that turns data into value. Our mission is to help our clients make better decisions and achieve better digital performance by better leveraging their data assets.


Data Companyfifty-five is a new kind of data company that helps brands leverage data to improve marketing, media, and customer experience through a combination of specialized consultancy and technology services.

Henkan & Partners

Digital Experience Optimization AgencyHenkan & Partners is a Paris-based consultancy, with the aim to help businesses transform their approach to problem-solving and decision-making by creating a culture of experimentation.


Digital Marketing AgencyFounded in 2004, JVWEB is a leading digital marketing in France and in Europe. We specialize in Google Ads, Social Ads (Facebook Ads, TikTok ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.) and Search Engine Optimization (strategy, content, netlinking). We help our clients to grow their business online.


Analytics ExpertsWe are a small team of web analytics experts. We help you collect and validate your data through server-side tracking. Expertise: GA4, Piano Analytics, AT Internet, Piwik Pro.


Web Analytics / Conversion PartnerSpecialized in Analytics data collection for Mobile applications and Websites, we help marketers and acquisition teams to integrate tracking (with consent). Our toolbox includes BigQuery, GTM (client/server), GA4, Looker Studio and more.

Morgan Fabre

Consultant Analytics FreelanceTechnical expert with 10 years of experience and more than 50 brands supported on their Analytics and Acquisition projects.


Web Analytics AgencyNaash supports marketers in implementing their tracking and web analytics projects. We are GTM (Client/Server), GA4, BigQuery, and Data Studio experts.


Consulting, design, data, technology and much moreFrom strategy to implementation, Niji provides a comprehensive range of services: digital strategy consulting, emotional design, technological engineering, software development, and cybersecurity. With over 1400 talented individuals, Niji leverages data to drive, automate, anticipate, and develop new services, thereby enhancing value creation for its clients.


Digital Marketing AgencyNoiise is a digital marketing agency, born from the merger of 1st Position and Open Linking. With more than 80 experts, they will make your voice heard and boost your growth.

Optimal Ways

Digital Analytics AgencyThanks to reliable digital data, we enable e-commerce teams to make the right decisions. The agency is also a training center that offers customized training courses.


Data & Digital Marketing AgencyPrimelis is a Data & Marketing consulting company (Search and Social Ads). Focused on performance, our approach results in the creation of innovative acquisition strategies fueled by a business vision


Data Marketing AgencyQweri is a data marketing agency based in Lyon, France. We help companies on client/server-side tracking, data warehousing and data marketing activation.


Data Marketing AgencySEARCH-Factory has been developing a range of customised web analytics, SEO and Paid Media services for 10 years. We are committed to making your digital strategy an accelerator of your growth.

Starfox Analytics

Data Marketing Agency100% dedicated to Web Analytics, our small team of experts supports more than 120 partners on Web and App data collection, processing and activation (tracking, GA4 and server-side migrations, data engineering, GDPR compliance and data visualization).

Tag Expert

Data Marketing AgencyTag Expert helps sites and agencies of all sizes get the most out of their customer and end-customer data for more growth.


Consultant Tracking | Analytics | DataPassionate expert in tracking (Client/Server), webanalysis, analytics/data engineering, I work with many clients in their leap to the server-side. Whatever your project (CAPI, proxyfication, margin import in real time, etc.), I support you in its success


Data Marketing AgencyUnNest helps marketing and CRM teams to make the best use of their data and master the "Martech" tools. Our expertise: Tracking, Data engineering, Dashboards, Media activation and CRM


Data Marketing AgencySpecialized in advanced data collection and exploitation, we love sGTM for its flexibility, integration with BigQuery, and ability to intervene before sending to Analytics tools.

Yuri & Neil

Webology experts from father to son since 2018Welcome aboard the Yuri & Neil spaceship. The only ship that will transport your brand through the 7 constellations of digital (SEO, MEDIA, SOCIAL, DATA, DESIGN, CONTENT, and TRAINING) and whose crew has too much style. This is webology. Like more than 250 clients, you can trust our 100 astronauts.

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