Why Addingwell?

Why Addingwell is the best provider for your tagging servers?

Tagging servers that you can rely on

To use Google Tag Manager Server Side, you must deploy a tagging server. Find out here why Addingwell is the best provider for this one.

A multizone infrastructure

At Addingwell, each tagging server consists of an infrastructure of multiple servers located in different regions of the world and connected to a private network. It means that every request sent by your users is routed through Google's highly reliable, low-latency, and perfectly provisioned global network to the nearest server.


This infrastructure must be scalable and adapt to the peak traffic of your digital activity (sending an email, opening a conference, Black Friday...). Also, to guarantee very high performance, our infrastructure scales up or down according to your traffic, almost instantly. So you don't need to manage any infrastructure.

Cristal clear monitoring

To monitor and control the uptime of your infrastructure and its response time, a measurement is made every minute from 6 areas in the world: Belgium, Brazil, USA (Iowa, Oregon, Virginia), and Singapore. The results of these measurements are directly accessible to you from the Addingwell dashboard so that everything is self-explanatory.

With Addingwell, you don't need to worry about the server infrastructure. Your tagging server is as fast as possible and scales in real-time from the moment you go live.

Response time vs standard setup

Belgium, Europe
27msvs 405ms
Iowa, North America
29msvs 29ms
São Paulo, South America
164msvs 393ms
Singapore, APAC
231msvs 762ms
Virginia, North America
60msvs 138ms
Oregon, North America
66msvs 172ms

Measured on November 10, 2021. Response time between a standard Addingwell installation and a standard GTM server-side installation.

Top-notch support

Even the most talented people need help sometimes, quickly and without checking the terms of their contract. At Addingwell, you'll never have to pay extra for quality support. We're always here to help, whether it's via email, chat, or a one-on-one call.

Thanks to Addingwell, I installed GTM Server-Side with the suitable servers and the fitting configuration. Within minutes, everything is up and running! Addingwell answered all my questions and helped me get the most out of GTM at no extra cost.

Côme Filippi Co-fondateur at flowrette.com
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Quick and easy setup

Whether you already have a server-side container or not, setting up the tagging server takes only a few minutes and can be done without any technical skills. Let our platform guide you and take advantage of your tagging server in a few minutes.

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Simple, transparent, predictable, and all-inclusive pricing

Our pricing starts at $80 per month for one million requests. The best infrastructure on the market for your tagging server and our fantastic support team are always included. Plus, my first 14 days are free! Finally, thanks to Addingwell and Stripe, 1% of my bill goes to fund technologies that fight against CO2 emissions (https://stripe.com/climate)

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