Simple Monthly Plans

Start with a 30-days free trial of Addingwell and then pay a fair and sustainable monthly price based on your monthly requests.

Requests per monthMonthly priceAdditional requests
1 000 00070 €+ 2,30 € per 100k
5 000 000120 €+ 2,00 € per 100k
12 000 000210 €+ 1,75 € per 100k
25 000 000360 €+ 1,55 € per 100k
50 000 000640 €+ 1,40 € per 100k
100 000 0001 190 €+ 1,30 € per 100k

Need a bigger plan?

Email us to discuss our high-volume plans.

Optional add-ons
Optional add-ons

Do you have several websites? Add the necessary add-ons and put them all under one plan.

Monthly estimated requests
What’s the best plan for you?Let us know how many requests your app/website sends each month, and we’ll find the best plan for you.

You can buy add-ons once your account is approved.

Always included at no extra cost
A globally available CDN

Start with a CDN on each of your main javascript assets for faster response time (includes gtm.js, gtag/js and analytics.js).

Helpful humans, not robots

Email, live chat, and phone support from humans who understand the complexities of tagging.

Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer a free trial?
All new accounts start with 30 days free. Use it to discover the product and your requests consumption.
What happens if I go over my plan's monthly request limit?
Additional requests on our paid plans are calculated at the end of your billing cycle and included in the upcoming month's plan cost.
What payment types do you accept?
We accept payments via SEPA Direct Debit and all major debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and JCB). We do not accept PayPal or Purchase Orders.
Do you offer high-volume plans?
Yes! Contact us to learn about our high-volume pricing.
Do unused requests roll over into the next month?
No. If you are under your request limit at the end of a billing period, the unused requests do not roll over to the next billing period.
What is a request?
We only count incoming requests sent to your Google Tag Manager server container. It includes loads of scripts like gtm.js, analytics.js, gtag.js, but not outbound requests.
For example, when your website sends a request to your Google Tag Manager container, which will then be routed to Google Analytics, Facebook Capi, your BigQuery, and TikTok events API. In this example, you will only pay for one request.

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