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Why Google Tag Manager Server-Side?

The natural evolution for your tagging

Which benefits to running a Google Tag Manager container on a server-side instead of running the tracking scripts directly from the browser?

Keep your cookies clear of ITP's

With first-party cookies from your subdomain, your cookies are safe from ITP's. Don't get to know each visitor only seven days!

See all your visitors

Millions of people use browser plugins to block scripts. With server-side tagging, you bypass ad blockers, so you get the full picture of who's visiting your site without invading anyone's privacy.

Improved performance

Fewer measurement tags in a website or app mean less code to run client-side. That means a lot of benefits like increased conversion rates, page views, search engine rankings.

Better security

Visitor data is better protected by collecting and distributing data in a customer-managed server-side environment. Data is sent to a tagging server, where it is then processed and routed by other tags.